About Us

About Us

Who are we

BELLUM is arrange by Marqsmen AB that was founded 2018 with the focus on delivering premium Airsoft, Shooting and Hunting experiences.

BELLUM is a premium airsoft event that is open for all airsoft players at all levels as well as beginners as pros.

BELLUM is not a hardcore Milsim, however the organization structure is much like other Milsims.

There are two game sides, Sparta and Legion, that is controlled by their own fully dedicated HQ staff.

At BELLUM it’s allow to bring both in-game vehicles and boats.

Each game sides will have a command structure that will be developed by the HQ in cooperation with the players.

Before the game we urge all players to study the BELLUM rule book as we’re very strict when it comes to safety and complying with the Swedish law at all times.

BELLUM always strive to comply with all Swedish laws and regulations and cooperates closely with both the Swedish Police and Military.